Highway Transport Gets You Paid

Highway Transport uses ADP® 

Payroll Enhancements and Improvements--

Enhancements are coming to ADP® – New modules are being added to help Highway Transport keep track of:

1. Recruiting
2. Performance Review
3. Benefits
As most employees know, you may view your pay in our internal system that we call “ADP.” ADP is Highway Transport’s payroll, accounting, and HR software. This software works behind the scenes and is essential for us to view our pay. Highway Transport employees register in order to gain online access to the information. The addition of three new modules will improve Highway Transport’s efficiency. HR processes will no longer be in four different systems. It will all be in ADP®

Driver Pay

Highway Transport's driver pay package makes sure drivers get fairly compensated for all of their activities. Previously, managers had to log in and out of three systems while managing 20 to 30 drivers. Now, driver pay—from driving to hooking up hoses to detention—is all streamlined into one easy-to-use interface. 

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