Happy #GroundhogDay 5 Driving Tips for Winter Days

above: Check out this peaceful country winter scene captured by Tony Thomas, Operations Manager/Dedicated BASF in #Chattanooga.

Will #PunxsyPhil predict #6weeksofwinter?

always-groundhog-daysource: Awesome art by Chris Piascik. Click here to discover more of Chris' art.

5 Driving Tips for Winter Days:

Scott Ennen, Vice President of Safety and Quality, advises, “Winter driving conditions will increase your stress level and just wear you out – don’t be afraid to call it a day.”  Before you start driving any vehicle during the winter, consider the following safety factors:

  1. Prepare Relentlessly - You should keep your vehicle in top operating condition all year round for safety and fuel economy. It is especially important to prepare for winter driving. Access individual state Department of Transportation websites. They have road conditions posted and many have access to cameras. The following is a list of state DOT sites where Highway Transport has terminals:


2. Watch Your Speed - Too much speed causes accidents.

3. Following Distance - It could take three to twelve times longer to stop your unit under winter conditions. Increase your following distances and never use cruise control when you’re on wet or snowy roads.

4. Over Confidence - You are a highly trained professional tank truck driver. Everyone in the trucking industry realizes that you are one of the most highly skilled drivers on the road. HOWEVER, don’t let over confidence catch you off guard. Being alert to dangers is the first step in being safe.

5. Stress is Your Enemy - Company president Greg Watkins emphasizes to all drivers, “Stress is your enemy. You can feel it happening: stress is creeping into your day. You think you can handle it yourself. Highway Transport says otherwise.”  Anytime you have too much stress, you risk losing control of  your vehicle. Heed Greg’s advice to “take a moment, and slow it down.”

He continues, “Highway Transport drivers have a legacy of exceptional service and on-time deliveries. But I’d much rather call a customer and explain to them that a driver is running a little late than have to explain that there has been an accident.”

Are you an experienced Tanker Driver? Check out the map below that reveals Highway Transport Chemical's latest information on terminals and truck driver salaries.

Terminal Locations and Pay


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