Details Matter

American flag stickers on all tractors

Decals are applied for the flag to be properly displayed so that the flag appears to be heading in the direction of the wind. The red and white stripes flow in the breeze. American Flag patches are also embroidered onto custom Highway Transport driver shirts.

Our Vision Statement

Highway Transport’s vision is to continue to be the leading bulk transportation and logistics organization utilizing leading technology.
We are people-oriented, customer driven, providing qualified trained personnel to surpass customer requirements.

Our culture is defined by strong ethics, individual responsibility and accountability with continual improvement in a dynamic global environment.

Core Values

• Safety focused
• Quality driven
• Integrity
• People oriented
Employee development

• Customer satisfaction

• Regulatory compliance

• Strong supplier partnerships

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  1. I really like the flags thank you for displaying them on your trucks what a great country we live in GLORY TO GOD IN HIS SON JESUS AMEN THANK SO MUCH

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