Kenny manages the Knoxville Shop. Within the past year, Highway Transport Chemical has upgraded its fleet tremendously. However, having new rigs does not reduce our maintenance requirements.

Our shops understand the increasing use of technological equipment required by the driver. Shops have close relationships with most of our drivers, and when we install new technology, we remind drivers that the equipment is just a tool, not a replacement for their driving experience.

The recent acquisition of new truck dovetails into another side of what our shops do...repairing and detailing old trucks for resale. We often prepare our older trucks to be sold outright. It takes a lot of effort to get those ready for market.

Highway Transport has approx. 50 employees at our shops nationwide. The job they do is often thankless. It is easy for drivers and staff to roll on through the day without considering the nuts and bolts that keep our business moving forward. These are the professionals who maintain our mechanical infrastructure, and they make all of our work days easier.