Our 289-truck fleet transports bulk liquid chemicals. Experienced drivers are drawn to Highway Transport because of the company's focus on equipment. Highway Transport has always been a big user of Mack trucks. The fleet operates 70% Mack based on heavy-duty strength and durability. As competitors moved to automated transmissions, Highway Transport balked at first and took a "wait and watch" approach. However, throughout 2017, Highway Transport Chemical took delivery of new Mack CXU613 tractors. Drivers are enjoying the automatic transmissions more than expected.

Great customers and top-of-the-line equipment sustain Highway Transport's growth. EPA standards and customers often demand that our fleet be fitted with special equipment. Highway Transport excels at figuring out the best way to haul bulk, whether it involves a particular type of hose, vapor recovery, special PPE, or heat-in-transit technology.

Unlike many new logistics companies, Highway Transport has many years of financial stability characterized by steady growth. We are an asset-based logistics provider with chemical tanker experts you can trust.


Day Cabs:

Spring 2018
Highway Transport is excited to announce the addition of new Mack Anthems to the fleet. Here is a mocked-up image to show how the Anthem would appear:

Mack Anthem is being added to Highway Transport fleet in Spring 2018