Tank Wash

Tank Wash ensures that our trucks are the brightest and cleanest on the road. Highway Transport has facilities that provide maintenance services for tractors, chemical tank trailers, and can provide a wide range of cleaning services for the chemical tank industry. We are constantly upgrading and shifting terminals and resources to handle capacity where customers need it most.

Tank Wash

Our Service Centers

Locations with offer Shop & Tank Wash services. Please contact the Service Center nearest to you to schedule an appointment.

      Tank Wash Services

      • External Cleaning
      • Steam Cleaning & Heating
      • Hot Water Flush
      • Deodorize Cold Water Flush
      • Detergent Wash
      • Caustic Wash
      • Latex Stripper Wash
      • Pump & Hose Cleaning

      Shop Services

      • Trailer Repair & Maintenance
      • Truck Repair
      • Welding & Fabrication
      • Trailer Inspections
      • Maintenance Programs
      • DOT Coded Tank Repair

      Contact Us

      For more information on our Tank Wash Services, Environmental Services, and Facilities call us at:

      1-800-444-9814 Ext. 1255

      “Tank Wash is our best marketing asset,” says Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman. “Customers appreciate the polished, professional appearance of HTC tractors and tanks.”


      Safety Focused. Quality Driven.

      Since 1948


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