Responsible Care


qdms-button-largeResponsible Care is the chemical industry's voluntary initiative. It is a worldwide organization.

In 2008, Highway Transport Logistics Inc. became an official certificate holder with regard to the Responsible Care Management System. Greg Watkins remains as the Responsible Care Executive and Rick Lusby, Vice President of Safety, serves as the Responsible Care Coordinator.

We are striving to continue in our commitment to the guiding principles of Responsible Care. Everyone who works with chemicals has a responsibility to move them safely and securely. This is why we adhere to the strict guidelines recommended by the Responsible Care organization.

The level of commitment is difficult to carry out. Not all companies qualify for Responsible Care membership. Each Responsible Care company has to be approved by the American Chemical Council's Board of Directors. We are grateful to have this tangible confirmation from the American Chemistry Council. As a chemical carrier, we work closely with chemical companies to continuously improve our health, safety and environmental performance.

The letters "R-C-M-S" stand for Responsible Care Management System. The system provides a structured way for us to set performance goals and diligently meet our goals.

If we, as a company, adhere to the guidelines of Responsible Care, it proves that we strive for excellence in the handling of our customers' most sensitive commodities...chemicals. Membership in Responsible Care helps assure customers that we obey high standards of performance and expertise.

To ensure that our company adheres to all Responsible Care requirements, Highway Transport Logistics has assembled and trained a team of four individual internal auditors.

The team is responsible for our company's Responsible Care Management System (RCMS). Our internal RCMS is referred to as the "Quality Driven Delivery Management System - QDDMS. All Highway Transport Chemical locations and terminals undergo audits. It is important to share Responsible Care information with employees, contractors and the public. When someone sees the Responsible care emblem on our business, they know that we are all about responsiveness. They know that we are actively listening and responding to any concerns involving chemicals.