Responsible Care Policy


qdms-button-largeHighway Transport’s Quality Driven Delivery Management System policy has been developed by Highway Transport’s Senior Management and serves as a visible commitment to ensuring the health and safety of its workers, protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of our operations on the highways we operate and the areas where we manage service centers.

Highway Transport shall comply with its Safety, Health, Environmental and Security Policy and Programs, Department of Transportation Regulations, applicable OSHA and EPA/State environmental regulations and applicable local regulations.

Highway Transport is committed to the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care program and maintaining a responsible Care Management System partnership.

Highway Transport is committed to the establishment of Quality Driven Delivery goals and targets as benchmarks to ensure a path of continual improvement with respect to RCMS guidelines and objectives.

Highway Transport is committed to openness with the appropriate stakeholders.

Highway Transport is committed to train all workers regarding the importance of Safety, Health, Environment and Security as each affects their role in the company and the role they play as stewards of the policies and programs.

As a bulk transporter of a variety of commodities that can potentially impact the environment, Highway Transport understands the importance of maintaining the highest Quality Driver Delivery standards. Consequently, Highway Transport is committed to continually reducing the impact of our operations on the environment and preventing pollution through a commitment to Quality Driven Delivery and RCMS standards.