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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safest, efficient transportation services for our customers that meet stockholders expectations and provides security for our employees. We achieve this by working in a family oriented business environment with the best people utilizing leading edge technology.

Family: Retirement Congratulations to Bob Nettles

A large crowd gathered at Highway Transport’s Knoxville terminal to say a happy farewell to 14 year company driver Bob Nettles. Prior to his decision to become a company driver, Bob drove for a contractor for two years. Everyone congratulated him on his retirement. Bob commented “I knew Highway Transport was going to do something for my retirement, but I didn’t expect to see that many people. It was a surprise to see so many. I became a company driver for Highway Transport because they had the nicest people and the best-looking equipment on the road. “

Eric Harvey and Rick Lusby helped Bob load his personal items into the back of his pickup truck and strap everything down for his trip home the next day to West Virginia. “Eric knows I have COPD, and he helps me out a lot. He has always been really helpful to me.”

Bob will be living with his daughter and enjoying being in the same household with her children –Bob’s grandkids. Plus he says, “I’m definitely going to be doing some relaxing.” Bob also enjoys his grandchildren—his son’s kids—in New Jersey. “All total, I have a 1-year-old grandkid. There are two that are 5 years old, and one that is 10 years old. “

Bob adds, “I will still be in touch with my friends at Highway Transport. I like to talk to them, because these guys keep me going. ”

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    Everyone applauds Bob Nettles’ good-natured attitude, his outstanding work ethic, and his commitment to service during his time at Highway Transport Chemical.

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