Chattanooga Shop and Tank Wash

James Byrd and Kenny Barnett in Chattanooga

Everyone at the Chattanooga terminal gathered for the Rolex ceremony to show their appreciation for James and Kenny who celebrated 20 years of service. Gary Reagan and Andy Schultz presented each man with a Rolex oyster watch. For employees to spend 20 years of time with one employer says a lot about the employee and the employer. Highway has over 20 employees who have reached the 20 year milestone.

Gary Reagan says, "We don't spotlight our shop personnel enough. They do so much behind-the-scenes work that no one realizes."

Schultz adds, "Everyone appreciates the work that these guys have done to keep things running smoothly at our Chattanooga terminal, and i enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate this milestone with both of them. It was an honor to be able to attend the celebration."

Currently, we are needing a #mechanic at our shop in Florence, KY. Check out this video below which shows a few scenes from one of our shops.

Watkins Family Tradition

It is a Watkins family tradition to recognize and honor 20-year employees with a Rolex watch. It is a token of appreciation for for the service, time, and loyalty of the employees. Click over to our history page to learn more about the Watkins legacy.

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    Drivers are also rewarded for noticing certain red flags when delivering to customers. Sometimes a customer will be shut off from receiving more deliveries until their safety issues are resolved.

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    By retaining our top talent and expanding the capability at our Chattanooga terminal, we can be more of a magnet to attract all these new companies to use Highway Transport.

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      The industrial make-up of Chattanooga is changing very dramatically. Many areas around the Chattanooga terminal are evolving into high-end manufacturing zones.

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