Rolling Strong provides Highway Transport Drivers with Guidance About Meals, Exercise, and Sleep

Rolling Strong provides Highway Transport drivers with real-time guidance about meals, exercise, and sleep.

Rolling Strong is the leader in driver wellness services for professional drivers.

February 13, 2018 Rolling Strong Reps and Health Coaches gather in Knoxville, Tennessee and La Porte, Texas to enjoy face-to-face conversations. Special kickoff activities are held to help drivers take this step toward improving overall health.

Rolling Strong Event for Highway Transport Drivers

Rolling Strong is a wellness program that helps Highway Transport truck drivers improve overall health, pass their DOT exams and get home to their families.

Drivers get real-time guidance about meals, exercise, and sleep.

Drivers have direct access to a Rolling Strong health coach. They can also connect to a health coach via smartphone app.

All Highway Transport drivers are encouraged to enroll in the Rolling Strong program by calling (913) 551-0106. Drivers may also click here to get started enrolling in Rolling Strong.

No one at Highway Transport or Watkins will ever see driver health information.

Highway Transport drivers are encouraged to connect with Rolling Strong health coaches face to face.

Read more about Rolling Strong on Highway Transport's recruiting website



Are you a truck driver who wants to drive for a company that is concerned about driver health throughout the trucking industry? Highway Transport has always stood out as a leader in the trucking industry. Highway Transport wants to lead the way to inspire all truck drivers to improve overall health. Consider becoming a Highway Transport driver, and work for a company that wants you to:

  • improve your health
  • pass your Department of Transportation physical
  • get home to your family

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