A Few Fun Facts About Highway Transport

Fun Facts
At Highway Transport, we love attention to detail!

Highway Transport Mack trucks have two signature bulldog hood ornaments, and only true Highway experts know the difference between them. A gold bulldog ornament indicates that the vehicle is 100% Mack, whereas a silver bulldog ornament indicates it isn’t. Typically, you’ll see Highway Transport tractors sporting the silver bulldog.

Fun Facts
We believe dedicated, continued service deserves to be rewarded.

Anyone employed with Highway Transport for at least 20 years receives their very own Rolex Watch. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Tank Wash employee, Jason Cranfield (pictured), was presented his brand new Rolex by Vice Chairman, Greg Watkins, as a thank you for his hard work and loyalty over the years. Over his career at Highway so far, Jason’s cleaned approximately 35,000 tanks!

Fun Facts
GOLD is one of our favorite colors.

It’s no small accomplishment to reach two million miles as a driver, but Jackie Taylor did it! This Highway Transport driver stands out both on the road and off. Unlike others in his fleet, Jackie’s truck sports our gold two-million-mile decal. If you see him out and about, make sure to congratulate him for this hard-earned achievement!

Fun Facts
We’re PROUD of our great country!

Driving free is our favorite way to drive. To show our support, all tractors have an American flag decal positioned to match the direction of the wind. At a glance, we want it to look like the stripes are blowing in the breeze!

Fun Facts
We’re nostalgic…

Vice Chairman, Chip Watkins, still has this Mack Truck from the family’s very first fleet. It has a gold Mack bulldog hood ornament, of course!

Fun Facts
We LOVE cake.

You’re probably thinking… “who doesn’t love cake?” When we say we love cake, we aren’t playin’ around. At Highway Transport, we celebrate every birthday, ceremony, and special occasion with custom-made cakes featuring the colorful company logo!

Fun Facts
Chattanooga Driver Ernest Holloway in his uniform with American Flag in the direction of the wind.
Fun Facts
The staff at Highway is THREE TIMES as amazing as other company’s!

Highway Transport is one big family, and President & CFO, Marshall Franklin, makes sure our family has more fun than anyone else! He and his wife, Ashley, have triplet girls and one boy (pictured).

Ever notice? All tanker trucks are not alike…

Ever noticed the shape of the trucks as they drive by? Some may appear wider than others. Highway Transport tanker trucks haul chemicals. Chemical tanks are round. Every Highway Transport tanker is round. Highway Transport does not haul gasoline or petroleum. Gasoline tanks are oval.


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