SpeakUp! Program Enhances Open Door Policy

Highway Transport's Speak Up! Program provides employees with an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions to the Chair and President of Highway Transport and to assure prompt responses as required.
Speak Up! Forms are conveniently placed in all locations (service centers) for easy access by all employees. The form provides space for employee suggestions, questions, ideas, comments, etc. It is the responsibility of the manager of the location to assure a supply of Speak Up! forms are available to employees at all times.

All Speak Up! Forms go directly to the Chair and President of Highway Transport. Human Resources assists in investigation for a response and, if appropriate, bringing the employee’s concern to the attention of the members of management who are in the best position to provide needed information or help. The matter will be investigated and responded to in a reasonable amount of time.

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  1. I would like to thank Highway Transport for the oppritunity to be employed with the company and making me feel welcome during orientation . I am eager and keeping safety minded of my new job with Highway . At this comapny I will be able to grow thru the years to come and to one day in the future to retire . Thank you for the job . Sincerely , L. Alderete

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