Experienced Chemical Tanker Truck Drivers
Highway Transport Chemical

Highway Transport Chemical Tanker Drivers are held in very high regard by everyone at the company and the public at large. Simply put, drivers are treated with great respect.

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Chemical Tanker Drivers are:

  • An elite class of drivers who are aware of the weight of a chemical tanker, of how long it takes to bring one to a halt, how quickly life can be endangered.
  • Individuals with an exceptional level of expertise who can be depended upon to drive a sixty-five foot, five-axle chemical tanker truck that carries all types of hazardous chemicals throughout the United States.
  • Heroes with the deepest concern for others.

We’ve built up a solid track-record of trust with our customers, and drivers are committed to maintaining that trust by staying on top of security issues on the road. As more and more drivers are discovering, the Highway Transport website is where experienced drivers find the best culture in the trucking industry. Highway Transport Chemical drivers enjoy:

  • respect
  • nice, newly renovated facilities
  • steady driving, steady personalities
  • paid orientation
  • Drivewyze intelligent transportation system
  • wireless Internet (where available)
  • convenient web-based access for viewing payroll details
  • company culture of safety
  • family atmosphere

Our terminals and headquarters are staffed by quality-minded employees dedicated to our driving fleet. Highway Transport fosters a company culture of safety. Safe drivers are our most crucial asset.


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There are plenty of misconceptions about the trucking industry. Maybe you’re the type of person who has never considered trucking as your chosen profession. Many people never realize what a strong team it takes to support an exceptional fleet of drivers. As an employee, this place will blow your mind. Discover a wide array of job possibilities…everything from tank wash to mechanic to corporate operations.

Highway Transport has a reputation in the trucking industry for operating with the guiding principles of family. This company epitomizes a family business, skill, pride, and hard work. As an employee, you benefit from the Watkins legacy of strong relationships. Employees enjoy an environment of stability. The Watkins family honors all twenty-year employees with a special ceremony during which the employee is given a Rolex watch. It is amazing to note this company has over 20 employees with a twenty year history. A select few have 40 years of service!

Highway Transport is fortunate to have experienced shop and tank wash employees. Safety-minded shop and tank wash employees are of the highest importance at this company. Our business is based on a reputation for safety and professionalism. Retired driver Bob Nettles says, “I drove a truck for a couple of years, but I wanted to work for Highway Transport because they had the best-looking equipment on the road.”  Shop and tank wash employees take pride in their commitment to making things safe, clean, and shiny.

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Highway Transport Chemical is a Knoxville-based tanker trucking company with a 70 year legacy of steady growth providing bulk transportation of specialty chemicals. The chemical tanker trucking fleet operates from service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the United States. 

Highway Transport Logistics began in 1998. In order to address times of higher production volume in the chemical industry, Highway Transport Logistics partners with only the highest qualified carriers. We serve as a single point of contact and oversee all types of loads. Customers benefit from our trucking relationships and expertise as an asset-based carrier.