Lydell Receives 20 Year Rolex Watch

It was a bright sunny day for honoring Highway's best and brightest. Lydell Summerville was presented the 20-year Rolex watch by Greg Watkins, CEO. People naturally gravitate toward Lydell because he is always laughing and finding the good in every situation. Customers love Lydell who approaches everyone with a sunny disposition. What an appropriate day for friends and fellowship in the shade of the shop bays at the Chattanooga service center. Everyone lined up to have their picture taken with Lydell who said, “The first picture I want taken is with my son.”  Andy Schultz said to Lydell, “You’re such a great asset to the company. Customers love you. They (referring to Chattanooga service center employees Shaleece Pillow and Becky Sanders) love dispatching you. Thank you.”


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