Driver Extended Time Off Program

Driver Extended Time Off

A program exclusively for our Drivers,

Highway Transport Logistics and Highway Transport Chemical value and respect the quality of work continually demonstrated on a day to day basis.  We constantly strive to find ways to improve your daily work life.  It is our hope that this new program will bring more choices to each of you every day and ask for input from those of you who enroll in this program as to how to make a significant and positive impact even better in the future.

Interested in participating in the DETO Program? Discuss the possibilities with your Service Center Manager.

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In-depth Program Details:

  • Program currently applies to Highway Transport Chemical Regional and System Drivers.
  • The DETO program will be offered from November 1 through January 31 with the exact weeks and numbers of drivers off at one time to be determined by the Director of Operations, the Service Center Manager, and the Director of Line Haul Operations.  Scheduled time off under the DETO program will be based upon driver seniority at each location.
  • The extended time off period will be a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of four weeks.
  • Drivers will not receive any pay, other than holiday pay, during the scheduled DETO period chosen by the employee.
  • If a holiday should fall during the scheduled time off period, drivers will receive holiday pay.
  • Vacation pay…if a driver has earned vacation and wants to “receive pay in lieu of vacation time per the company vacation policy”, driver must request pay either before or after the scheduled “DETO period.
  • Drivers’ seniority status, vacation, assigned equipment, bid schedule, etc. will continue in place and unaffected while the driver is taking time off.  That is to say that upon return from DETO time off, seniority, assigned equipment, bid schedule, etc. returns to the same status as before he/she left.
  • Drivers benefit costs…for group health, life insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and disability insurance; the driver will be responsible for paying their portion of their benefit cost during the incurred DETO schedule.  Highway Transport will continue to pay the company portion of the drivers benefit costs.
  • Regional drivers…beginning November 1 of each year, the Director of Operations and the Terminal Manager will determine the exact weeks of the DETO period and the number of regional drivers to be off at each location or terminal. Seniority will apply.
  • System drivers…beginning November 1 of each year, the Director of LH Operations will determine the exact weeks and number of drivers that can be off during the DETO period. Seniority will apply.
  • Highway Transport Chemical may alter or eliminate the Driver Extended Time Off program at its discretion.

Service Center Managers and Operations Supervisors

Knoxville, TN Doug Vineyard, Service Center Manager 865-584-8631 ext 1217
  Wyatt Dockery, Operations Supervisor 865-660-7219
Chattanooga, TN Daniel Davis, Service Center Manager 423-593-9123
  Sha'Leese Pillow, Operations Supervisor 423-421-8809
Joliet, IL
Kyle Lukwinski, Service Center Manager
  Angela Opyd, Operations Supervisor 708-932-8894
LaPorte, TX Larry Fink, Service Center Manager
  James Unruh, Operations Supervisor
Freeport, TX AJ Adams, Service Center Manager
Garland, TX Brock Wempa, Service Center Manager
Geismar, LA Lucian Welch, Service Center Manager
Croydon, PA Mike Dailey, Service Center Manager
Florence, KY Blake Horton, Service Center Manager
  Brandon Crenshaw, Operations Supervisor 865-953-0491
McDonough, GA Brenda Skoda, Operations Manager
Wyadotte, MI Mark Daugherty, Operations Manager


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