Business Development Regions:

SoutheastSoutheast: Steve Kitts | | 423-650-5363 | Steven Kitts on Facebook
highway-transport-northeast-regionNortheast: Dan Dufner | | 267-251-0960
highway-transport-southwest-regionSouthwest: Carey Livingston | | 281-507-0460
highway-transport-west-regionWest: Carey Livingston | | 281-507-0460
highway-transport-midwest-regionMidwest: Dan Dufner | | 267-251-0960
highway-transport-midwest-regionGeismar, LA: Darren Angelo | | 225-361-8559

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We understand the challenges shippers face during demand periods. Whether we are backing up your private fleet or supporting your existing carriers, our suite of services provide you the flexibility you are seeking. Our company strives to be consistent and reliable in meeting commitments to customers. The guiding principles of Highway Transport are rooted in our family-oriented philosophy. Each request is approached on an individual basis. Custom tailored bulk transportation is our cornerstone.

We handle your liquid bulk transportation and logistics so that you can focus on your core business activities. We manage relationships with a multitude of carriers, and get one low rate. All of your transactions--even Parcel shipments--become simplified.