Service Center Managers and Operations Supervisors

Each Highway Transport Location Has an Operations Supervisor and/or a Service Center Manager. Larger sites have Both.

Above: All of our facilities are linked to a central dispatch with 24-hour, 7 day-a-week capabilities. It is well known that safe drivers are our most crucial asset. However, managers oversee day-to-day operations and take pride in their commitment to making things run smoothly.

The Team You Can Trust

Highway Transport Chemical operates from service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the United States. Chemical tanker trucks are in constant circulation on highways and interstates throughout the U.S. We have people with their finger on the pulse of each facility to assure the highest level of security and control.

Service Center Managers and Operations Supervisors

Knoxville, TN Doug Vineyard, Service Center Manager 865-934-5697
  Wyatt Dockery, Operations Supervisor 865-934-5621
Chattanooga, TN Daniel Davis, Service Center Manager 423-593-9123
  Sha'Leece Pillow, BASF Operations Supervisor 423-421-8809
   Rebecca Sanders, Operations Supervisor  865-315-5929
Joliet, IL
Kyle Lukwinski, Service Center Manager
  Operations Supervisor  
LaPorte, TX Service Center Manager
  Marla Kegresse, Operations Supervisor
Freeport, TX AJ Adams, Service Center Manager
Garland, TX Greg Huff, Operations Manager
Geismar, LA Lucien Welch, Service Center Manager
Croydon, PA Mike Dailey, Service Center Manager
  Deirdre' Lorenzano-Bavonese, Operations Supervisor
Kevin Yohe, Operations Supervisor
Florence, KY Chris Jenkins, Service Center Manager
  Blake Horton, Operation Supervisor 865-953-0491
McDonough, GA Brenda Skoda, Operations Manager
Taylor, MI Mark Daugherty, Operations Manager



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