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Highway Transport Driver Orientation Held in Knoxville, Tennessee

Classroom Time The first three to four days are spent in a classroom setting. There are many forms and tests. Drivers stay together during classroom time. Lunch is taken together. It is important for drivers to get plenty of rest and stay alert during class time. Drivers are paid $130 per day during training. Everyone…
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Steady Personality Traits Correlate to Steady Driving Low Turnover

It isn’t luck that keeps drivers from leaving Highway Transport Chemical, it is good planning. Steady personalities = Steady driving at Highway Transport Chemical In the video below, a Highway Transport driver trainer offers this advice for when he experiences aggressive driving on the road... According to an article in Transport Topics (cited below), personality…
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Terminal Locations and Pay

Driver Pay Each service center location has a different payscale based on the area surrounding that location.  Driver Managers and Driver Pay Drivers get fairly compensated every week. Now, driver pay—from driving, to hooking up hoses, to detention—is all streamlined into one easy-to-use interface.  Visit to view driver pay for each service center location.
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