the best people & equipment

why choose us

Highway Transport epitomizes a family business, skill, pride and hard work
Over the years, this company has established lifelong relationships with customers. We’re not only celebrating our 70-year milestone, but we are also seeing it as the beginning of many more years to come.
Highway Transport believes in building a first class facility that provides employees with an outstanding workplace.
We respond quickly to industry shifts. The most common perception of Highway Transport is a company of stability, family, and tradition. However, the company has always been very agile, very skilled, when addressing business trends.
We are constantly upgrading and shifting resources to handle capacity where customers need it most.
Bulk transportation of specialty chemicals is our core competency. We operate from service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the U.S.


what we do


    To continue to be the leading bulk transportation and logistics organization utilizing leading technology.

    We are people-oriented, customer driven, providing qualified trained personnel to surpass customer requirements.
    Our culture is defined by strong ethics, individual responsibility and accountability with continual improvement in a dynamic global environment.

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    Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman of Highway Transport

    We have been entrusted to properly manage every aspect of these chemical loads, from the financial system to the final delivery. We are all stewards of chemicals, transportation, money, time, safety, and —most importantly—customer relationships.

    We are grateful for the opportunity to haul many types of loads. We are able to grow our business when competition is fierce. We are able to shine above our competition because of superior levels of safety and quality. Our influence with customers shapes our future. The way we steward every transaction determines the future of the company.

    mission & quality

    Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safest, efficient transportation services for our customers that meet stockholders expectations and provides security for our employees. We achieve this by working in a family oriented business environment with the best people utilizing leading edge technology of the company.

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