In the spirit of family, like a brother or sister, we want to take a moment to pester you a little bit about your health. Throughout the snowy season, it is tempting to stay indoors and curl up. Try relaxing a little while outdoors, breathe some fresh air, eat some fruit, drink extra water.

Spending 30 minutes outdoors decreases stress.*

When you’re healthy, you inspire others. It’s like a chain reaction of positivity.*

Workplace Wellness Tip to Decrease Stress

@submerge2001 aka Alen Smailovic, Highway system driver based out of Knoxville, serves as a great advocate for Highway Transport on Twitter. His Twitter posts represent what we’re all about.

Workplace Wellness Tip to Decrease Stress@R0LLINGSTRONG let’s roll and be strong at it !!!

Workplace Wellness Tip to Decrease Stress


source: Grief Digest Magazine Hobbies to Reduce Stress

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